What is The Optimalist?

Every outcome you aim for today has been automated by AI, already - how will you help your students reach even higher orders needed to thrive in the world they will now be entering when they leave your building?

We believe that it’s our job right now to create the place to explore the higher order capabilities we need for an optimal future with AI.

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It comes with a community.

If you’re here, you’re an #optimalist.

Be part of a community of innovative educators and leaders who know that it’s important to take risks in order to move forward. Together, we are prioritizing better attention to encourage the capabilities we need for an optimal future in the age of AI.

Here is what you can expect right now as a part of this community:

  1. New writing at least bi-weekly that expands upon the ideas we believe are central to our mission. This gives you a way to understand our product decisions and explore the possibilities along with us.

  1. A weekly podcast episode. These are conversations with interesting people in and outside of education whose own work and message support elements of our mission. You will receive new episodes every Wed as a subscriber to this newsletter. It’s also available everywhere podcasts can be found.

  2. Connection. Follow us and our Community Manager, Sara, on Twitter, and join our Discord server to regularly connect with other educators, parents, and leaders. Together we will create new opportunities for learning how to teach higher order skills (engagement, creativity, curiosity, etc) in support of creating an optimal future alongside AI. We will learn through book studies, group challenges, and virtual community meetings, to start. This is the place where you are fully encouraged and empowered to change the way we do things today so we can evolve and grow, rather than avoid and diminish. Here, we Do → Reflect → Think

  3. Early access to Mirror updates and opportunities - including webinars, demos, and events. We can’t continue to evolve this important tool without you!

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