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From Perfectionism to 'Reflectionism': Learning Experiences in the Age of AI w/ Michelle Ament

From Perfectionism to 'Reflectionism': Learning Experiences in the Age of AI w/ Michelle Ament

In this episode, Dr. Michelle Ament, the Chief Academic Officer of ProSolve, joins Sara for a discussion on the importance of designing learning experiences that meet the needs of students. They explore the challenges that teachers face in adopting this approach and the importance of empathy and risk-taking. Additionally, they discuss the shift from knowledge-focused education to human-centered skills in preparation for the future workforce. They delve into the concept of college and career readiness and the need to embed the four Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) into all aspects of learning. 

Michelle and Sara emphasize the importance of reflection and metacognition in deep learning and share their experiences with perfectionism. They discuss the need to shift from perfectionism to "reflectionism" and the benefits of continuous learning and trying new approaches. Lastly, they stress the need for teachers to lean on each other and create a culture of reflection in schools. Reflection can be applied in various contexts - self-awareness, giving feedback, and understanding group dynamics is necessary in fostering effective collaboration. 

Key reflection: How should the day-to-day experience in schools change with the rise of AI - including incorporating human intelligence (soft skills) and using reflection as an authentic learning experience? 


(0:02:36) Designing Learning Experiences that Meet Student Needs

(0:06:20) Reimagining Learning and Teaching for Human Intelligence

(0:13:31) Reflection and metacognition in learning

(0:16:28) Embracing risk, failure, and continuous improvement in education

(0:21:00) Transitioning from perfectionism to reflectionism

(0:22:04) Flawed Thinking in Evaluating Student Success

(0:25:43) Reflection and Quick Adaptation

(0:29:23) Four F's of Reflection

(0:31:57) Applying the Reflection Model to Learning and Instruction

(0:38:28) Meta-Level Awareness and Cognition

(0:48:21) Adaptability in the Age of AI

(0:49:34) Exploring Adaptability and Reflection in Education

(0:53:47) Staying in tune with the education market


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