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The Optimalist Podcast
Introducing The Optimalist Podcast

Introducing The Optimalist Podcast


Introducing The Optimalist podcast!

  • We seek to explore what it means to create an optimal future for humanity, through conversations about mindfulness, attention, focus, happiness, motivation - and so much more

  • We believe that to flourish, we need to retain the ability to embrace challenges and do the deep work

  • Investing in your attention is the foundation

  • We hope this podcast helps connect more and more educators and parents to the importance of this effort towards prioritizing better attention and mindful living- in school, work, and at home. 

Your host is Sara Candela, former high school English teacher and current community manager for Focusable and the Optimalist community that supports it. 

Each Wednesday:

  • new conversations and roundtable discussions 

  • guests that range from classroom teachers, to mindfulness coordinators, to consultants, to researchers in attentional psychology.

Find us & join us:

  • Follow Sara at @Scandela9 on Twitter or Focusable at @getfocusable for the latest updates. 

  • Subscribe to The Optimalist Podcast on your favorite podcast app - or on Substack - to get each episode as soon as it’s released.

  • Community Discord:


  • Music: “Goodnight, Shapeshifter” by MusicForNothing, used under Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0.

  • Audio Production: Tim Belmont (@tbelmontedu)