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Mindful Listening: Guest Spot on The Principal Liner Notes Podcast

Mindful Listening: Guest Spot on The Principal Liner Notes Podcast

This week on The Optimalist Podcast, we are showcasing a recent episode of Sean Galliard’s The Principal Liner Notes Podcast.Sean is a great friend of the community, and stellar educator & author. Sara is Sean’s guest on this episode, where they discuss mindfulness in music and literature, including personal engagement with art, intentional connections in a tech-driven world, the impact of paying full attention, and immersive listening. If you know Sean’s work or presence on social media at all, you know that he does not do anything without infusing his love of music and metaphor. So we did just that on this episode, which he named Mindful Listening, and which we are happy to share with the Optimalist audience today. 

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(0:00:09) Introduction and gratitude to guests and listeners

(0:02:19) Introducing the Principal Liner Notes podcast

(0:04:17) Climbing the Ladder to the Roof: Ready to Perform

(0:05:45) The Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life

(0:09:05) Chapters in Gatsby: Connecting music and mindfulness

(0:12:13) Mindfulness through music: The power of intentional listening

(0:17:11) Balancing attention: The role of artists and personal responsibility

(0:19:58) The Universe of the Record Store: Individual Worlds Collide

(0:22:24) Appreciating the Art of Album Details

(0:26:38) Nostalgic memories of trading CDs and musical connections

(0:30:01) The nostalgia of albums as events in the past

(0:39:25) Bumble BFF app for community building

(0:44:09) The value of zooming in and out while listening

(0:47:35) Deep connections to albums by female artists in the 90s

(0:53:07) Mindful Listening and Intentional Artists

(0:59:06) Appreciating the beauty and insights of reading out loud

(1:06:08) Closing Remarks and Gratitude

(1:07:15) Mindfulness: Incorporating it into Every Part of Our Lives


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  • Music: “Goodnight, Shapeshifter” by MusicForNothing, used under Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0.

Audio Editing & Production: Tim Belmont (@tbelmontedu)