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Podcast Ep 20: Back to School: Doing Better All the Time

Podcast Ep 20: Back to School: Doing Better All the Time

Welcome to the 20th episode of The Optimalist Podcast! On this show, we have set out to examine the higher order capabilities we need to build an optimal future with AI. And we are doing that alongside the community we’ve fostered for the last year and a half, as well as the product team working to build Engageable, AND in collaboration with the wonderful people who become our guests. Without their experiences, knowledge, ideas, and energy, we’d be unable to guide this exploration. So today, we celebrate their voices and our vision for the future by answering the question: 

How can we help young people reach the even higher order capabilities that are now needed to thrive in the world they will be entering? Or rather Now that we are permanently living and working alongside AI, how are we going to do better?

Through these varied responses from past guest, we delve into the topic of building an optimal future with AI and how we can assist young people in developing the necessary skills to thrive in such a world. Throughout the discussion, we emphasize the importance of self-reflection, intentionality, and living in alignment with our core values. We also stress the value of providing clear, non-judgmental feedback and acknowledge the evolving nature of technology and the need for educators to embrace AI. As we embark on this journey, we recognize the importance of constant reflection, adaptation, and fostering curiosity in students. Connecting with communities and developing partnerships with industry and business are also highlighted as vital for preparing students for the ever-changing world. Our goal is to support youth in finding their passion and curiosity, while also harnessing the potential of technology and AI.


(0:01:13) Exploring higher order capabilities in the age of AI

(0:01:43) Practice Makes Better: Striving to Improve

(0:02:38) The Practice of Being Better: Personal and Professional Growth

(0:03:23) The Importance of Self-Reflection for Thriving in the Future

(0:04:28) Promoting Intentional Self-Reflection in Students and Adults

(0:05:15) Need for Transparent and Direct Feedback

(0:06:12) Importance of Privacy in Delivering Feedback

(0:06:39) Embracing our Uniqueness and Creativity alongside AI

(0:07:18) Embracing Technology in Education

(0:09:19) Students as Agents of Change

(0:10:44) Cultivating Curiosity for Personal Growth and Connection

(0:11:54) Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity in Young People

(0:12:53) Importance of Teaching Love in Higher Order Thinking

(0:13:38) The Risk of Narrow Experiences in the Digital Age

(0:15:04) Reflecting on the first 20 episodes and collaborative experiment

(0:16:23) Connecting with Engageable 


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  • Music: “Goodnight, Shapeshifter” by MusicForNothing, used under Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0.

Audio Editing & Production: Tim Belmont (@tbelmontedu)