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Podcast Ep 6: Curiosity, Boredom, & Intentionality w/ Jonathon Medeiros

Podcast Ep 6: Curiosity, Boredom, & Intentionality w/ Jonathon Medeiros

This week we are proud to welcome Jonathon Medeiros to the show. Jonathon has been teaching and learning about Language Arts and rhetoric for 17 years with students on Kauaʻi, where he was born and raised on a farm. He and his students learn about curiosity, community, and place. They build deeper connections to each other and the places they live by being curious about where they live, the stories of those places, and then following those curiosities. Jonathon is the former director of the Kauaʻi Teacher Fellowship, a poet, essayist, and writes frequently about education, equity, and the power of curiosity. He believes that curiosity kills boredom and that if you change all of your mistakes or regrets, you’d erase yourself. He walks, paddles, surfs, and builds and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters.

Listen as Jon and I discuss curiosity, boredom, intentionality, and the idea of reciprocal responsibility. 

Links Mentioned

Reading: Also a Poet by Ada Calhoun

Watching: Acapulco

Listening: Swet Shop Boys 

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Jon's Focus Method - Go somewhere where you can’t accidentally spend your attention on other things. Ex: being in the water. The environment begs your attention. 


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