May 3 • 47M

Podcast Ep 3: Sustainable Cultures of Social-Emotional Learning w/ Krista Leh

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Dr. Krista Leh is the founder of Resonance Educational Consulting, which supports educators in building meaningful, engaging, and sustainable cultures that enhance social emotional learning and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her 24-year career in education includes being a high school social studies teacher, instructional tech coach, curriculum coach, and student leadership advocate. Krista was also an adjunct professor for a Master’s in Education program specializing in SEL. She designed and facilitated Methods of Research, Curriculum Design and Development, and Culturally Responsive Teaching. 

In 2012, Krista was one of 26 educators in the country selected as an ASCD Emerging Leader. Since then, she has worked with educators in nearly 30 states to feel more confident and competent in integrating SEL into learning communities.

Listen in as Krista and I talk about the five competencies of SEL, why it’s important to not think of SEL as just a program, and what it looks like when we take steps towards better integration. 

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Reading: Lesson in Chemistry, The Measure, Never Split the Difference, The Four Frames

Krista's Focus Method - I don’t hop from project to project. I make sure to pay attention to one thing at a time, instead of working on things in pieces. Also - taking true breaks is so important.

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