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Podcast Ep 4: Mindfulness is Paying Attention w/ Kailyn Fullerton

Podcast Ep 4: Mindfulness is Paying Attention w/ Kailyn Fullerton

The foundation of SEL

Kailyn Fullerton is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher who holds a master's degree in Mindfulness for Educators. She is a current doctoral student at Antioch University, studying Educational and Professional Practice, with a specialization in social-emotional learning.

Kailyn has a background as a teacher in international schools in three different countries. As an educational consultant, she works with schools, teachers, and families to support the development of mindfulness-based social-emotional learning for adults and children. Specifically, she provides professional development and change management support for systemic integration of mindfulness-based SEL into the school community.Kailyn lives in Jakarta with her partner and four "bonus" children.

Listen as Kailyn and I talk about the importance of knowing ourselves, what elements go into nourishing a sense of belonging, and of course, mindfulness as the foundation for SEL. 

…And stick around for a special mindful meditation at the end of the episode! 

Kailyn's Focus Method - Mindfulness meditation. A daily habit helps to pay more attention in the moment when things feel crazy. Paying attention is a skill. 

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