Apr 26 • 45M

Podcast Ep 2: Self-Regulation & Being Present w/ Jillian DuBois

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Sara Candela
Jillian DuBois
Exploring the higher order capabilities we need for an optimal future with AI.
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Jillian DuBois is a self-professed ’redesigned’ educator who has been in the elementary classroom for 20+ years and is a Professional Learning Specialist with Forward Edge/Edge•U. Her distinct passion is to infuse joy in educational leadership by focusing efforts on serving + using her voice to foster hope by celebrating diversity. She is also a published author and illustrator of several children’s books with themes around SEL. She is the Chief Optimistic Originator of Imparted Joy LLC, in Clearwater, FL, and guides others to spark their stories with heart + confidence.

Jillian is also a beloved member of our community, and it was a pleasure to welcome her to The Optimalist. Listen in as Jillian and I talk about self-regulation and self-awareness as a parent, plus how her individual story with her son has led her down the path of appreciating emotions and moments as they come - the ultimate chance to be present in your attention.

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Jillian's Focus Method - Don't lose sight of small wins. Be more open to not getting stuck on obstacles and perfection. 

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Instagram: @jilliande





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