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Podcast Ep 1: AI, Attention, & Doing Hard Things w/ Greg Kulowiec

Podcast Ep 1: AI, Attention, & Doing Hard Things w/ Greg Kulowiec


Having taught at the high school level for almost 10 years and currently as a Director of Technology, Greg Kulowiec understands the complexity of change in education and the experience of educators working to navigate change. With over 20 years of experience in education, and a passion for professional development, Greg brings an engaging atmosphere to your school or district. From keynotes to hands-on professional learning, he understands educators.

In this episode, Greg and I talk about the delicate balance between sustained effort on hard things vs removing barriers and arbitrary roadblocks that can be resolved with various AI tools. How does this impact the need for improved attention in the classroom, and how can it force educators to rethink assessment?

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Greg's Focus Method - Play an album the entire way through & work on a task until the album is done. Go-to album? Into the Wild soundtrack.

Artificial Intelligence Self-Paced AI Course — The Kulowiec Group

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