May 17 • 1HR 15M

Podcast Ep 5: Self-Regulation & Healing Our Disconnection w/ Jen Shirley

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This week we are proud to welcome Jen Shirley - The Uncommon Principal Entrepreneur. 

Jen coaches kids, parents & educators about social, emotional, and learning skills strategies. Her expertise is in ADHD, behavior, & self-regulation. And Personal Development for kids is at the heart of what she teaches. One thing that stands out about Jen is her strong sense of mission and awareness of the world we live in. On her website, she explains, “The needs of our kids have become more abundant & more extreme. This observation has led me to ask myself some tough questions about how ‘we’ are currently doing things.” Her mission is to build an ecosystem focused on developing kids who stand out, stand up, and make an impact on the world because of what they create or contribute - not what they consume. According to Jen, “There's no place for complacency here.” 

Listen as Jen and I start by discussing the difference between self regulation and self control, and then continue to explore everything from attention to perfectionism to loneliness. 

Links Mentioned

Reading: Principles by Ray Dalio 

Watching: The Diplomat

Listening: The Diary of a CEO w/ Steven Bartlett

Follow Jen on Twitter: @jen_shirley

Instagram: @jenshirleyconsult



Jen's Focus Method - Jen had a list of great things to say about this question, but the one that we will leave you with is this: Sometimes better attention comes from just being in solitude. 


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